Antec High-Current Pro 750W Power Supply Review

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For those of us who are not currently in the process of settling down and starting families, looking at couples in the midst of nesting is a curious and bewildering sight. There are countless hours consumed in Lamaze classes, baby Bjorn browsing and vigilant house baby-proofing. Understandably, it is a time of excitement and uncertainty so making all the proper precautions is essential, in as well as out utero. While I have no advice to give, having no prior experience with such biological realities, my only frame of reference when it comes to dealing with nesting for new life is in assembling a PC.

Antec High-Current Pro 750W Power Supply


When you are building a personal computer, you want to pick the right components and make sure that everything matches up. Users, understandably, spend a lot of time picking the right processor, motherboard and video card but sometimes overlook the most important part of a system build, the power supply.  Like an umbilical cord, the power supply provides life sustaining energy for the PC.  Just as an expecting mother picks the right potables and edibles, a clean power delivered to a computer's system components guarantees better performance, as well as longer life, down the road. Power supplies carrying an 80 plus certification is pretty much expected for all modern system builds currently.  Installing anything on a high-end system otherwise is equivalent to a mother smoking and drinking while pregnant.  Antec, which is known for their power supplies as much as their award winning case designs, has introduced a power supply unit that might be perfect for picky system builders.

Antec High-Current Pro 750W Power Supply


Antec High Current Pro PSUs represent the high-end segment of Antec’s power supply line carrying an 80 Plus Gold certification.  The Antec HCP-750 also meets the 2010 EuP 5vsb < 1W standard and has a 99% power factor. To keep temperatures cool when in operation, the Antec HCP-750 has a 135mm fan that remains quiet and under 15dB up to 50% load.  Made with high-end Japanese capacitors, the Antec HCP-750 also has a host of industrial protection and safety features so it doesn’t falter when handling a heavy overclocked load. For those looking to build an SLI or CrossFireX system, the Antec High Current Pro series uses a semi-modular design with quad +12V rails with 40A per rail so it can handle demanding GPU requirements.  For total peace of mind, Antec has given the High Current Pro 750W power supply a 5-year warranty.