Gold is highly sought after and has been a valuable commodity even before human's recorded history. It has inspired legends while driving some toward madness in its pursuit. Alchemists of the ancient Greco-Roman period sought to make gold from simple base metals but have failed to do so. Conquistadors led disastrous expeditions to the depths of the Amazon in pursuit of the fabled El Dorado: the City of Gold, but have not returned with even an ounce of proof. Over the years, gold has symbolically come to represent an ideal which is not easy to achieve and costs dearly to acquire.

Lepa G650-MAS 650W PSU


Gold has also been adopted to imply a high level of standard and is used in recognition of items that are above and beyond their peers. In sports, gold medals and trophies are awarded to the first place winners. In music, a gold record represents the sale of a million records. When it comes to power supplies, an 80 Plus Gold standard requires efficiency rating of up to 92% and is priced higher than 80 Plus Bronze or Silver power supplies. Lepa, with their latest G-series modular power supply line, aims to provide a feature-rich Gold rated PSU at a competitive price.

Lepa G650-MAS PSU


The Lepa G650-MAS 650W power supply is 80 Plus Gold certified and is also compliant with EU ErP Lot 6 2013 standards which requires an impressive less than 0.5W system power consumption in standby mode. The Lepa G650-MAS power supply uses a DC-to-DC and hybrid modular design for increased stability and easy wire manageability. Since Lepa’s G series represents their top of the line power supplies, aimed at gamers and enthusiasts, the G650-MAS is comprised of high-quality components, such as solid state and grade-A Japanese capacitors. The Lepa G650-MAS also features a 140mm thermally controlled fan which is only activated when the load goes over 15%, keeping the system running quietly when not benchmarking or gaming.