Shakespeare said that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. That may be true of roses but apply that notion to power supplies calling themselves “silent” and, on average, you’d get a different result. What does it take for a power supply to be called silent? For some manufacturers, not much, it seems. It starts with the cooling solution used and, most importantly, the type of fan selected. It is easy enough to create a silent power supply if it is just going to be used for day to day tasks and barely heats up to require substantial heatsink and active cooling solutions. For power supplies designed for high-end enthusiasts, however, the task of quieting down the power supply gets a little trickier.



The main cause of noise is, of course, the cooling fan used, so selecting the right one is crucial. Electrical noise must also be reduced through high quality IC motor controllers. Next, vibrations of all kinds must be dampened as much as possible. If the fan is decoupled from the power supply's housing unit and the power supply unit itself is dampened once installed inside a chassis, noise is further reduced. Be Quiet! is a German company whose name also happens to state their design philosophy when it comes to manufacturing PC components. Unveiled in Computex 2012, Be Quiet’s Dark Power Pro series has been updated to address the latest needs of enthusiasts worldwide.


The Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 750W power supply is an 80 plus gold rated unit designed for high-end silent performance. The Dark Power Pro 10 750W power supply uses Be Quiet!’s own 135mm fluid dynamic bearing SilentWings 2 fan, optimized for low dB and long life performance. Surrounding the Dark Power Pro 10 power supply unit is a rubberized sleeve to further isolate the power supply from the vibrations caused by the chassis. Four additional case fan headers can be plugged into the Dark Power Pro 10 unit itself for lowering the ambient operating temperatures inside the chassis. To optimize case airflow even further, the Dark Power Pro 10 uses modular cables and provides a flexible wiring solution for all manner of high-end hardware combinations.