Power requirements for computers have taken a weird turn within the last few generations of computer equipment. For the longest time, we were on an upward trend of upgrades for more power. CPUs were taking bigger loads. GPUs were getting more powerful and requiring larger amperage 12V rails. It seemed that in order to be future proof, one had to purchase a larger power supply. My PSU upgrades always coincided with a GPU upgrade because the requirements increased. This last release seems to have stalled power upgrades. CPUs have also seemed to have taken a split. There are the extreme CPUs which have followed the upward climb. Then there are the mainstream processors that have shown how to get more performance from around the same power loads.



The bonus from this change comes straight to us consumers. Lower power requirements means that we can save money on builds by either transferring our current power supplies, or looking at more affordable lower wattage power supplies. Many people tend to overcompensate by buying these large 1000+ wattage power supplies for simple high end Crossfire or SLI gaming systems, when in reality, anything under 900W would suffice and still leave room to spare. I've shown, in past reviews, that even an overclocked system with a high powered Crossfired GPU doesn't need a $200+ PSU. Many mainstream gaming systems can operate fine with anything between 550W and 750W. NZXT has recognized this and launched high quality power supplies that fit the mainstream gaming market.


The NZXT HALE82 N 750W makes the HALE82 lineup even more affordable. The HALE82 N 750W keeps all of the same features of the previous HALE82 lineup, however, converts from modular to non modular. The HALE82 N 750W has an 80+ bronze certification, meaning that it has passed the tests to operate at a higher efficiency. The construction is with all high quality Japanese capacitors to promote longer lifespan and better reliability. Cooling is done with two 120mm two-ball bearing fans. The HALE82 features a strong single +12V rail. The 8pin has been extended for larger tower support. There is also full protection from over voltage, current, power, temperature, under voltage, and short circuit.