How much responsibility are you taking in conserving our natural resources? Sure, it may seem like “somebody else’s problem”, but really, it’s everyone's problem. There are new movements and laws being put into place in the name of “going green”, and it no longer seems like some type of Hippie movement. Even the awful T12 fluorescent lights that have been messing with our eyes for years are being discontinued and replaced by the brighter, more natural and much more power efficient T8. Recycling is certainly no longer more of a chore than taking out the garbage. However, being energy efficient also has a stigma of underperforming. With today’s technologies, that is certainly not the case. Efficiency is leading to more power from smaller units, and many energy efficient units are getting that way simply by using higher quality components. You no longer have to sacrifice performance for efficiency.



After years of seeing component power requirements skyrocket, we are seeing a definite trend towards efficiency. Much of this is due to advances in microarchitecture, with nanometer processors at only about 20% of what they were roughly ten years ago. This means more computing power on less electrical power, in other words: much greater efficiency. Efficiency is no longer reserved for special series of CPUs that trade computing power for the savings on the electric bill or GPUs unable to play games. All of the major players have made huge strides in efficiency. Intel, nVidia and AMD’s new CPU and GPU lineups offer considerably better performance, along with greatly reduced power consumption from their predecessors. Even a system as powerful as an Intel 2600K/nVidia 560Ti or AMD FX-8150/HD 7870 will never put a serious strain on a 650 watt PSU, and nVidia and Intel’s upcoming offerings promise even more efficiency. Used in tandem with an 80+ Platinum PSU there will be much less strain on your pocket when your electric bill arrives, and far less strain on our natural resources.


The Antec Earthwatts Platinum PSU runs at an astonishing 93% Maximum power efficiency. The Platinum 650 Earthwatts PSU from Antec boasts 80+ Platinum certification, Antec's AQ3 3 year warranty and life time global 24/7 support. The Earthwatts 650 Watt platinum PSU also features a 120mm whisper quiet dual ball bearing fan, Thermal management, 4 High current 12v rails, circuit shield and is also SLI/CF certified. So what does all this mean? Simply put, you get some great power efficiency at 650 watts of continuous power, all wrapped up in a nice, neat, little package that will undoubtedly save you some hard earned greenbacks over the long term. It's no longer about the biggest baddest power hungry devices we can muster, but it is about going green and doing what we can for our environment.