Users who spend plenty of time in front of their computers know the value of keeping an organized desk. Being able to locate documents or items immediately when needed results in plenty of time saved overall. The last thing you need is distraction, especially when you are following a schedule or under a deadline. When it comes to an organized PC system, installing and swapping components is much easier when there are virtually no cables that get in the way. This also results in superior airflow and a much more visually appealing setup, especially for users with a windowed side panel.

NZXT Premium PSU Cables Starter Kit



NZXT introduced their premium sleeved power supply cable line almost two years ago to provide users with a fast and convenient DIY look to their systems without spending hours on braiding and heat-shrinking. Experienced modders know that sleeving the 24-pin motherboard cable alone takes more than two hours. NZXT has made the effort for clean and organized cable management even easier with the introduction of the new NZXT Premium PSU Cable starter kit.


The NZXT Premium Cable Starter kit conveniently combines four individually sleeved power supply cables in a single package. The NZXT Premium PSU Cable Starter kit consists of the CB 8V 6-pin to 6+2-pin VGA, CB 6V 6-pin VGA, CB 24P 24-pin motherboard, and CB 8P 8-pin motherboard extension cables. Each cable inside the NZXT Premium Cable PSU Starter Kit measures 250mm in length and can be used as an extender for power supplies installed inside full-tower cases. The NZXT Premium Cable PSU Starter kit makes cable management a breeze and provides a significant visual upgrade over the regular color-coded power supply cables.