Doooooooood! No way, man. That’s not a gaming system. It’s only got one video card!” I have to admit, AMD and nVidia did a heck of a marketing job making people believe that. It’s possibly more impressive than Apple making people think they have to have the latest iThing….even if they have no idea what it can (or more importantly, can’t) do. To listen to people these days, you would think that there is no possible way to play World of BattleRim 3 with any type of satisfaction unless you have a bare minimum of two cards in SLI or CrossfireX. You might get an “OK” experience with a GTX 590 or HD 6990, but it’s questionable. Of course, in these people’s eyes, unless you have this equipment, you simply don’t have a gaming system. Instead, you have a bank account and probably the option to do something other than play video games on a Saturday night. Personally, if you tell me you have a Core i5 2500K and a GTX 560Ti, I’m going to tell you that you have a credible gaming platform. Face it, if you are dropping $200+ on a video card simply for gaming capabilities, you are more than a “casual gamer”.



Somehow, along the way, it became easy to dismiss PSUs in the 600-650 watt range as "small". It’s been driven into people’s heads that they need massive power supplies for any type of gaming system, and that notion is simply not correct. The key is to match a PSU to your actual system needs and make sure that the PSU you choose is a quality build, putting out clean power. Plus, you need to look at the actual power ratings. You are going to get far better performance and component longevity from a clean 600 watt continuous output than you are from some lower end unit that peaks at 750 watts, but even at 400 watts has more ripples than Cartman’s waistline. Don’t be fooled by that $29 800 watt PSU, unless you have no attachment to your other components and a handy fire extinguisher. A true, continuous power rating is what you are looking for.


To address these needs, Antec has introduced the new High Current Gamer 620M PSU. The Antec HCG 620M takes the real needs of the gamer and puts them together into one package. At 620 watts continuous power, with a single 12v rail capable of 576W/48A, the HCG 620M provides plenty of punch for almost any single GPU setup on the market, yet is very efficient and bears the 80Plus Bronze Certification. The HCG 620M is a hybrid modular cable design, with the 20+4 pin ATX and 4+4 pin EPS/ATX 12v hardwired to the PSU. All peripheral cables are modular for clutter-free cable routing tailored to the specific build. Included cables allow for six each SATA and molex, two PCIe 6+2 and one floppy connector. To keep your components out of harm's way, the HCG 620M uses six levels of protection for over current, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, over power and surge and inrush protection. All Japanese capacitors are used for greater longevity and stability, and Antec backs the HCG 620M with a five year warranty.