I had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. If you've read in the forums, I am a dad now. Apparently my daughter wanted to arrive in this world on a holiday, so she held out for over a week past her due date. This is good for me as my dad's birthday is on the 25th and my sister on the 26th. This means my daughter gets her own birthday, phew! Now, my problem is that I don't want to go back to work. Thankfully, I only work a few days a week. Lucky me!




NZXT has been around for a while now and has put out some great products. They manufacture more of the secondary type products for computers, like cases and heatsinks. I am very fond of the power supplies and fan controllers. One of the tried and true PSUs that I've had for a while now is the HALE90 750W. Over all of the reviews I've done, it's been the PSU that has moved from system to system over the others I have. There has always been excellent stability and zero issues when I've used that PSU. I've also never really had any reason to venture past 750W in power. The only time I can push hardcore wattage is when I am crossfired with my two 6950s. Otherwise, the max one of my systems outputs is around 450-550 watts.



The NZXT HALE82 750 Watt Modular Power Supply is a new implementation of an old product. NZXT has redesigned their existing HALE82 750W to push out the same power with more reliability. The new design still retains 744W and 62A on the +12V rail. This rating puts it at a good advantage to power all of the newest GPUs on the market. The HALE82 750W still retains the same look and functionality as the older model. There is a modular design to maximize airflow and cable management. For cooling, there is a 120mm two-ball bearing fan for silent operation and optimal air intake. All of the important protections have been implemented for over current, voltage, power, temperature, under voltage, and short circuit. The HALE82 is 80 Plus Bronze certified. Efficiency ratings are advertised at 82% @ 20% load, 85% @ 50% load, and 82% @ 100% load.