Not everyone needs an "Uber" power supply for gaming. There are plenty of budget gamers that look to stretch their dollar with the best products that they can find for the price. One of those unknown costs typically ends up being the power supply. People build these rigs, or add components, and sometimes overlook the power requirements and the cost for the power supply. I was in that situation once when I purchased my 7900 GT video card. I had an older 350W in my system with an under amped 12V rail. I thought I was done with my purchase when I received the card, but ended up having to run out and get a better PSU. Luckily, there are computer shops nearby and I ended up getting a Enermax Noisetaker II. That PSU lasted me from an AMD 64 X2 system to my last Core2Duo Intel system before I started reviewing.




Enermax is a household name in the computer world. Initially founded in 1990, it was the first company to introduce the original AT power supplies to the retail market. In 1996 they released the first ATX power supply. In 2005 they launched the LIBERTY. This was the first ATX12V v2.2 modular cable PSU. Enermax has won countless awards from both readers, and major companies for their innovations and designs. They continue to push the PSU technology forward being the first to the market with many designs that we still currently use. The Revolution85+ series continues to be the bar that many other PSU companies try to achieve.



The Enermax NAXN 650W power supply is amongst their most recent releases. The NAXN 650W is geared towards the average users, or budget gamers, that want to maintain excellent quality, while keeping costs low. The NAXN 650W power supply features an 80 Plus Bronze rating, meaning that can keep a 82-88% efficiency at 20-100% load. The NAXN is ErP Lot 6 2010 ready. This is a specification that can keep power draw to < 1W when running in standby mode. Most non compliant systems will run at around 4W. Built in is what Enermax labels "HeatGuard". This keeps the fan running 30-60 seconds past shut down to ensure total heat dissipation. The NAXN has a silent 12cm fan for air movement and an AirGuard design to reduce noisy turbulence. The NAXN contains Industry-leading octuple circuitry protection (OCP, OVP, AC UVP, DC UVP, OPP, OTP, SCP & SIP).