The importance of electricity in our lives seems like a modern concept that is barely a century old, but research conducted in the University of Chicago in 1953 by S.L. Miller and H.C. Urey demonstrated that electricity played a part in the very origins of our biological existence. A world without electricity is unimaginable now but perhaps we embraced electricity into our lives not just because of the convenience it offers but because a part of us knows a primordial connection to this powerful influence. Progress is also directly tied to the amount of electricity we use and the larger the work that needs to get done, the more power it requires to run.



More power of course, costs more money, so it is equally important that a standard of efficiency is met and we make sure that there is minimal power loss. In desktop computing, as manufacturing processes improve, more power efficient components are brought to the market. Next generation components can do more work for less power compared to the previous versions. Power supply manufacturers have been hard at work increasing the efficiency of their products and units with 80 plus certifications are now the norm. Cooler Master, a name synonymous with PC cases and various peripherals, previously introduced their Silent Pro Gold series, which carry an 87% efficiency rating. Now they are introducing a new line of high-power, high-efficiency and fully modular PSUs: The Silent Pro Hybrid series.


The CM Silent Pro Hybrid power supply continues Cooler Master’s dedication to providing high quality and innovative peripherals to PC enthusiasts. The CM Silent Pro Hybrid power supply is the world’s first PSU with an integrated 7V fan port and features a 5.25” front panel fan controller. As a compromise between a fanless design and a high performance PSU, the Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid offers the best of both words, delivering silence when the load is light and offering thermal control options when necessary. Cooler Master introduces 3 different models for the Silent Pro Hybrid line: 850W, 1050W and 1300W, all carrying an 80 Plus Gold certification and a 5-year limited warranty.