I have an odd choice that I have to make regarding a home repair. This spring, I had someone come out and look at the roof to see if there were any issues that I might not be aware of with water problems. Turns out that this house is so old that they built the chimney to fail. Instead of maintaining the same structure throughout, it tapers outwards and gets wider below the roof-line, all the way to the cap. This acts like a funnel for water during heavy rains as it is absorbed into the masonry and runs down the base all the way to the basement. The good thing is that my chimney is only used for venting the water heater. I had decided to remove the chimney and was quoted an excellent price for it. However now I am forced to do something extra, change the style of my water heater. I could go power vent but they are very expensive and would require re-piping to move my current water heater location and creating intake/exhaust vents through my foundation. I could go electric, but this would then require a service upgrade on my house as it is very old and needs more power.



Since I want to eventually remodel my basement and add many more things, doing a service upgrade seems to be the better choice, as both would end up being around the same cost. I'm figuring even though it might be a bit excessive right now, having more power isn't a bad thing, as it will keep me future proof for future power requirements. The same is true when it comes to PCs. When planning out a system, it's good to have the future in mind for upgrades, because even though certain things are becoming more efficient with power usage they still require more and more as they are increasing in performance. The best example of this is video cards. The only direction GPU power consumption is going is up.


The IN WIN Commander II 1200W Power Supply ensures enough power for both now and later. The Commander II 1200W offers excellent reliability with a 80 Bronze Plus certification and an efficiency up to 85%. Features include high efficiency voltage transfer technology of double forward circuit design, Japanese industrial grade electrolytic and solid state capacitors, steady 12V DC to DC VRM output design, and full industrial grade protectors (OCP, OVP, OPP, UVP, SCP). The Commander II comes with a semi modular design for good cable management and can support up to 8(6+2) PCI-E connectors for multi-GPU systems. For cooling, there is a 13.5cm double ball bearing fan that offers low acoustics and high quality.