Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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It seems that our society has become one that is about as hungry for power as any other. Everything seems to be about extracting as much as we can out where the sky is the limit. We don’t like the word stock and certainly don’t like having things labeled as ordinary. We hot rod our cars and motorcycles so that they are faster and wilder. We renovate our homes and cram as much technology and life easing items into them as we can possibly afford. This mentality that just the right amount is too little and an over the top amount is actually just right is found in every aspect of life, and especially in our computers.


In order to achieve that level of performance most of us strive for in our builds comes with purchasing the next best processor or motherboard, and the latest and greatest in the battle among video cards. We get extreme CPU and motherboard combinations, we line up as many graphics cards in our system as the board will allow, all in the name of scorching performance. Many times, however, we overlook what the life blood of the system is and select one based on price rather than needs. Without a good, reliable power supply, even the most awe inspiring rig could mean nothing.


The Thermaltake Tough Power 850 XT packs the power to manage just about any system. The Thermaltake Tough Power 850 XT features modular cabling and extreme caliber power output. The rugged build case houses the high quality construction of this modular power supply with full certifications for SLI and CrossFireX for extreme gaming. The Thermaltake Tough Power 850 also features excellent cooling to maintain stability under high loads.