Not all power supplies are created equal, and sometimes even those purported to be gamer oriented are merely mainstream power supplies with a red LED added. High end power hungry video cards require 40A+ on the 12V rail and a lot of today’s power supplies, unfortunately, have split 12V rails that do not come close to 40A combined. Earlier this year, Antec announced their new power supply lineup for 2011, including a refresh of the Earthwatts line for the mainstream market, the introduction of the High Current Pro series for top segment of the market and the launch of the High Current Gamer line for, you guessed it, PC gamers.



Affordable mainstream power supplies often have insufficient amperage, while high end power supplies are sometimes out of the budget range for some users. The Antec High Current Gamer line was designed to bridge that gap. The Antec High Current Gamer line ranges from 400W to 900W of continuous power and are SLI, as well as CrossFireX, certified. Each High Current Gamer power supply has a fully protected 40A 12V rail, designed to handle the latest and most demanding graphics card currently available in the market. Although the High Current Gamer power supply lineup is non-modular, Antec recently unveiled, at Computex 2011, that a modular "HCG Plus" version will be available soon.


The Antec HCG-620W power supply is in the middle of the High Current Gamer pack. The Antec HCG-620W is 80 plus bronze certified and comes with full industrial-grade protection, including over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit and over-power protection. Internally, the Antec HCG-620W uses all Japanese brand capacitors for reliability and is equipped with a 135 mm fluid dynamic-bearing fan for quieter performance and longer lifespan compared to the standard sleeve-bearing fan. For peace of mind, the High Current Gamer 620W power supply also comes with Antec’s Quality warranty, which covers performance failure up to 3-years from the date of purchase.