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I notice an interesting thing as I sit here and try to write. I realize I write about cars a lot, which is made even more surprising because I am not a huge car guy. I like a good sports car as much as any guy and I love to drive, but I do not read car magazines or get into the stats or know anything about all the newest models. So I thought to myself, “I’ll make an awesome sport analogy!” Then I realized I know even less about sports, I mean, I am fit and I used to be quite athletic but I was never much of a team player. Where does this leave me? Well, it leaves me trying to segue into talking about surfaces and how different surfaces affect your performance.

GAMDIAS NYX Speed Gaming Mouse Mat


I suppose I do not need to be a great car buff or sports fanatic to mention what we all know, the road surface or field conditions can make or break anyone using them. Of course, any driver can tell you that adverse road conditions can make things very unsafe, and I can only assume that the fields of major sporting venues are rigorously cared for, and not just so they look good. The teams and managers clearly want to maintain an optimal surface for the players to work with. That isn’t only true for physical sports or driving, however, the same can be said for E-Sports or even just casual gamers.

GAMDIAS NYX Speed Gaming Mouse Mat


The GAMDIAS NYX Speed (GMM2300) is a mouse mat designed for speed and control. The NYX from GAMDIAS is made of double layer fabric to provide uniform vertical and horizontal movement resistance. For added durability, the edges are have thick stitching all the way around the mouse mat. The natural rubber base is environmentally friendly and provides a non-slip surface for your desk or table. The surface of the mouse mat is silky to provide fast and smooth mouse operation. The NYX measures 350 x 280 x 4mm and has the GAMDIAS logo and branding emblazoned on it for aesthetics.