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Indoor basketball and volleyball are two sports played on essentially the same surface which is often made of highly polished maple. Why is it then that the players wear basketball or volleyball specific shoes? If you are cynical then it can probably be chalked up to the marketing department earning their paycheque. From a functional perspective however, the two shoe types are mostly designed to accommodate the most common movements associated with the sport. Both require lateral movement but basketball puts a deeper emphasis on forward movement as well. Volleyball shoes are also lighter with extra midsole padding for additional support ideal for jumping straight up. Basketball shoes on the other hand, while also having midsole support are designed to have thicker soles to handle greater landing impact because of the forward momentum exerted when jumping. High-tops are also much more common in basketball for additional ankle support while it has gone out of fashion for volleyball players due to the added weight.

MSI Just Game Mousepad


When it comes to mouse movement, the variance is even greater due to different surface type available and different mouse sensors. Even between the different “speed” oriented surfaces, friction and table grip vary. With plenty of options to choose from, it is a wonder why many companies even throw their hat in the mix. In the case of MSI however, it is not surprising that they would introduce a mouse pad now considering they have managed to successfully streamline their product branding and establish a dedicated gaming segment.

MSI Just Game Mousepad


The MSI Just Game mouse pad is the latest addition to MSI’s gaming series of accessories. The cloth surface MSI Just Game mouse pad has had special “firm-weave” treatment for extended durability and smooth mouse gliding. Underneath, the Just Game mouse pad uses a full-coverage natural rubber to ensure grip even at the utmost stressful conditions in-game.  Measuring 380mm long and 260 mm wide, there is enough surface area on the Just Game pad for medium to high-sensitivity mouse gamers.