Computer customization and modding has become such a widespread trend, that almost everyone can have a computer that reflects something appealing to them. Whether the modifications are to increase efficiency of the computer as well as the case, or just to increase the aesthetic appearance, it is something that we see many users doing to customize their computing experience. We all have our own interests, a favorite game, or movie, or perhaps something that interests us outside of the world of computers, and we showcase our love of whatever it may be, by modifying our computer case. Some even go to the extent of modifying their peripherals to match their overall themed mod. Some users may not see the need for modifications to an already great manufacturer design, while some find this customization helps accentuate the hard work you have put into it.

Aorus Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse

Users may not purchase a computer case that they dislike to modify it into something that they like, rather they may want to accentuate an already great design, with some customizations to make it one of a kind. When a user pieces together the parts necessary to build a computer, there are two things many times overlooked; the keyboard and mouse. These two items will be the way we communicate to our computer, and the way that our computer allows us to communicate to the outside world. Whether we are in the BIOS, correctly configuring our settings, or scrolling through our Facebook news feed, or our favorite website, to see what may be going on in the world, the keyboard and mouse are two very integral peripherals to consider for our computer. Choosing these peripherals can have a large impact on our daily computing experience. If this computer will be used for gaming, having a great gaming mouse, like the Aorus Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse, and gaming surface, such as the Aorus Thunder P3 Gaming Mouse Pad, could be the difference between a win and a loss.

Aorus Thunder P3 Gaming Mouse Pad

The Aorus Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse and Aorus Thunder P3 Gaming Mouse Pad have been designed not just to help you win the game, but with the focus placed on functionality, customization, and being the right choice of peripherals to finish that custom gaming experience, boasting great features, such as a fully adjustable 8200DPI Laser gaming engine, fine-tuned ergonomics with 16 fully-programmable well-located buttons, and a 20 million lifetime click Omron switch. With the ability to switch between 5 independent profiles, and through the built-in Aorus Macro Engine program up to 70 macros, The Aorus Thunder M7 MMO Gaming mouse provides gamers with a full arsenal of tools at your disposal. Combine this with the Thunder P3 Gaming Mouse Pad, and Aorus has provided a solution to help everyone get in the winner’s circle.