Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Hybrid Gaming Mouse Review

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I catch myself comparing PC components to cars so often that I almost feel it has become cliché. I started out thinking I would talk about high end sports cars and their design and then I would relate that to the awesome product that I am testing. During a bit of research, I realized that perhaps that was not nearly as cliché as I may have previously thought. First of all, sometimes the design process for tech and cars is pretty similar considering that there is a predefined standard for what must be done for the tech or the car to simply work. From there you can then design around the functions needed and attempt to make the car or whatever is being designed even more beautiful.

TTeSports Level 10 M Hybrid Gaming Mouse


BMW is a car company that has consistently proven that their designs are stunningly gorgeous, as well as some of the better performing vehicles on the planet. When that kind of design is built into new PC tech, it can really make a device stand out from any others. One of my favorite cars that I ever owned was a 1988 BMW 325i, it was the fastest car I had ever owned and the body styling was beyond amazing. I often look back to that time and wish I had kept that car, even though it would likely be an old beater by now. Similarly, Tt eSPORTS is a company that has consistently released high quality PC hardware that meets or exceeds most expectations. What happens when the two put their head together?

TTeSports Level 10 M Hybrid Gaming Mouse

The Tt eSPORTSLevel 10 M Hybrid gaming mouse is the answer. The Level 10 M Hybrid is a combination wired and wireless mouse (hence the hybrid) that uses a 5.8G USB dongle for the wireless transmission. Tt eSPORTS has built the Level 10 M Hybrid for durability using a solid aluminum base to build upon. Tt eSPORTS did not hold back on the quality of the 1.8 meter cable used, it is a braided cable for added strength and durability and the connection to the mouse itself is very solidly attached, using a clip that connects to the solid aluminum base. The Level 10 M Hybrid is adjustable to fit almost any hand that might hold it. There is a vent to keep palms dry during long and exciting gaming sessions. There are also five profiles that can be assigned a number of different macros and button configurations; there is even RGB LED control so the profiles can be recognized by their different colors. DPI is controlled with a quick flick of a switch on the side of the mouse to raise or lower the DPI on the fly, depending on the needs of the user. That switch also serves as the profile switch and can be set to perform any keyboard key function. Just in front of that switch are two more buttons which serve as forward and back buttons by default, but can be programmed with any function, including macros. The sensor type is a laser, and the mouse comes with 128kb of memory built in. In all, there are nine keys, including the left and right click. The Lithium Ion battery life is rated at 15 hours with a charge time of four hours.