Do you believe in love at first sight? Some do, some don’t, but it really is simply an explanation of the feeling when you immediately know something is right. Of course, it is far more complex in interpersonal relationships than it is with technology. There are many products where one glance and a quick look at the specs lets you know that it is exactly what you have been looking for. I felt exactly that way about the original Func MS-3. The size and shape are near ergonomic perfection, button placement makes sense and all ten are fully programmable, the macro editor is powerful and simple, and the highest quality parts were used throughout, right down to the 5670 dpi Avago sensor. Thankfully, when I got the MS-3 in my hand, it lived up to every expectation that I had. Like any other first gen piece, however, there was room for a little tweaking and refinement, and that's where the new Func MS-3 R2 comes into play.



While Func retained all of the great ergonomics of the MS-3, the R2 tweaks the working components a bit for better overall durability and further flexibility through its software. The Func MS-3 R2 now features software upgradeable firmware, a new more precise and durable scroll wheel, and Omron switches rated for 10 million clicks. The 2m braided cable has been upgraded and reinforced at the connection points for greater durability. To accompany the new MS-3 R2, Func has also released a new Surface 1030 R2 gaming surface to improve your overall desktop experience. The Surface 1030 R2 is available in two sizes (13x10” and 14x11”), and features selectable dual surfaces for textured precision or the ultra-fast gameplay of a perfectly smooth pad. The Surface 1030 R2 also features Func’s renowned cord clip, as well as non-slip backing for a solid, stable surface.

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Func MS-3 R2 and Surface 1030 Func MS-3 R2 and Surface 1030

Func MS-3 R2 and Surface 1030 Func MS-3 R2 and Surface 1030



 Model  MS-3 R2
 MCU/Processor  WT6573
 Switches  Omron
 Sensor  Avago ADNS 9500
 Memory  512 kB
 Resolution  90-5670 DPI
 Frames/Sec  12,000
 Tracking Speed  5.1 m/sec
 Max Acceleration  30 g
 Image Processing  10.6 megapixels/sec
 Report Rate  Adjustable up to 1000Hz
 Lift-off Distance  Adjustable
 Upgradeable Firmware  Yes
 Connection  USB, Gold Plated, 2m Braided Cable
 Dimension  126.92 x 69.42 x 42.38mm, 127g
 System Requirements
  • Windows Compatible
  • Available USB Port
  • 10MB Free Space on Hard Drive
 Warranty  2-years
 Model  Surface 1030 R2
 Surface Material  Polycarbonate
 Surface Type  F30.r / F10.s
 Thickness  4mm
  • 1030 R2 L - 33x26 cm (13x10 in), 422gr
  • 1030 R2 XL - 36x28cm (14x11 in), 502gr
 Warranty  2-Years


Features - MS-3 R2

  • Unique T+4™ thumbzone button placement  - When you find yourself in a critical play movement, the importance of easily accessible buttons and an optimized Thumbzone is crucial to avoid miss-clicks.
  • Customizable LED-light system with profile indication - Apply any of the 16.8 million colors individually or simply turn the LEDs off. The LED system can be used as a profile indicator or simply to match up your mouse with other peripherals on your desk.
  • Plug n play, no need for installations - MS-3 is completely plug n play ready; software installation is only needed to personalize the mouse to fit your gameplay style.
  • Ergonomically designed Grip Intelligence™ - The MS-3 is ergonomically designed to minimize hand strain and stress in order to allow you to keep your eyes focused on the screen and not on your grip.
  • Instant Aim™ - Do you hate those moments when your opponent sneaks up on you from behind and you really need to turn 180° but realize that your sens is set for sniper camping? With the Instant aim™ button pushed, your dpi is instantly changed as long as you keep the keystroke down.
  • Built to last with only the best components available - This mouse is built to last with only high-end components paired up with a 2 years warranty.
  • Adjust your mouse exactly to your gameplay style - Ability to fully customize button assignment, profile settings and macro recordings. On top of that, angle snapping, lift off distance and polling rate can be adjusted to your personal liking.
  • Onboard memory storing up to 3 profiles - Bring your customized profiles with you; wherever you go, just plug it in and play.
  • Macro editor - Macro Editor with the capability to record up to 255 actions in one macro.
  • Firmware upgrade tool - Are you missing any software functions? Send us an email and we will try to implement it, an upgradable firmware allow us to add and edit software functions.


Features - Surface 1030 R2

  • The original cord clip - By fastening your cable in the front of the mouse pad you will no longer suffer from cable management issues during intense game play.
  • Easy to clean - Easy to clean; housing and mouse pad are washable.
  • The original dual sided mouse surface concept - Giving you the choice between two sides, both offer a unique experience of traction, consistency and precision.
  • Firm grip - Thermoplastic Elastomer treated backing for a firm grip against the desktop.



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Price Point

Price: MS-3 R2 $59.95 USD Retail/Surface 1030 R2 L $39.95 USD Retail (@Amazon)

Class: Mainstream

The Func MS-3 R2 and Surface 1030 are in the Mainstream Class of gaming input devices.

Reviewer's Opinion

For anyone who likes a full sized mouse, it is hard not to love the MS-3 R2 regardless of what you are using it for. It is perfectly shaped and incredibly comfortable in your hand, with the button placement making absolute sense. There is no reaching or finger releases required, all ten buttons are right there, easily accessible with the smallest, most intuitive of movements. Add in the powerful programmability of the MS-3 R2 and macros, and you have a fantastic input device regardless of what you are doing. Gaming, video editing, programming, productivity, it doesn’t matter, the Func MS-3 R2 just fits.

When combined with the Surface 1030 R2, you get a top notch total desktop environment for gaming. The dual-sided Surface allows you to choose what feels best for your style of gameplay and use it to your advantage. Three profiles can be tweaked and manipulated to match exactly what you need and changed on the fly, with dual RGB lighting even allowing for visual indicators. The Instant Aim button is a must for those into first person shooters. You can set your dpi rate for quick movements throughout the game, and a simple thumb pinch switched over to a programmable dpi specifically for precise aiming. For those that lift the mouse, lift-off distance is totally adjustable. Programming complex moves into the macro editor couldn’t be any easier, and assigning macros is as simple as it comes.

Just as their name and slogan imply, Func truly does know functionality….and ergonomics, and the MS-3 R2 certainly shows it off. Unlike most gaming mice, the MS-3 R2 makes for a very comfortable and highly functional productivity mouse so much so, that I feel that labeling the MS-3 R2 strictly a “gaming mouse” is doing it a great injustice. Unlike typical productivity mice, the MS-3 R2 is a monster gaming mouse. Regardless of which you are doing, your profiles are stored onboard and require no software installation to use them anywhere. Put a Surface 1030 R2 underneath it and you have one of the most enjoyable input experiences you will ever come across. The MS-3 R2 and Surface 1030 R2 are recipients of Editor’s Choice Award and highest recommendation. Regardless of your usage, both should be on your “must have” list.


Likes (MS-3 R2)

  • Incredibly Comfortable Ergonomics
  • Ten Fully Programmable Buttons
  • Excellent Button Placement
  • Precise Tracking
  • Selectable dpi Up to 5670
  • On the Fly Profile and dpi Changing
  • Well Placed Aim Button With Selectable dpi
  • Braided Cable Resists Tangling
  • Top Quality Omron Switches
  • Powerful, Intuitive Programming Software
  • Easy to Configure Macros
  • Driverless, Plug & Play Design
  • On Board Profile Memory
  • Polling Rates Up to 1000Hz


Likes (Surface 1030 R2)

  • Two Easily Changed Surfaces To Match Usage and Style
  • Rubber Feet Prevent Slippage
  • Cord Holder Can Be Placed on Either Side
  • Precise Tracking
  • Smooth, Fast Surface
  • Easily Cleaned



  • None


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