GAMDIAS APOLLO Extension Optical Gaming Mouse Review

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I have heard the term, “One size fits all” many times throughout my life. I always thought it was an odd turn of phrase because it is simply impossible. Recently, I have started to see that phrase altered to be a little more politically correct so now it says, “One size fits most”. I guess at least that is possible. I can only imagine the arguments that ensued because something said one size fits all and someone couldn't fit in it.

GAMDIAS APOLLO Extension Optical Gaming Mouse


While one size could never fit all, it is imperative that, in today’s incredibly diverse society, companies try to accommodate as many people as possible. That is, of course, as long as they want a good portion of the market share. Even when it comes to ever smaller groups of people, the diversity can be astounding. Start with PC gamers, a large group to be sure, and then divide that into FPS gamers, RTS gamers, RPG gamers, etc. Then take one of those groups and divide that into players who use different grip styles on a mouse. See where I am going with this? Making hundreds of different products for every niche group could quickly become daunting.

GAMDIAS APOLLO Extension Optical Gaming Mouse

GAMDIAS has taken strides toward solving the dilemma of grip types with the APOLLO Extension Optical Gaming Mouse. The GAMDIAS APOLLO Extension mouse comes with an extension that clips to the palm rest of the mouse, enabling palm grip style users to comfortably hold the APOLLO. Without the extension, the APOLLO is suited for Claw or Finger Tip grip. The cable is military grade braided for added durability and ease of motion. The DPI can be adjusted from 400 to 3200 for pixel perfect accuracy. There are five keys, with three being fully programmable, for use with macros, profiles, keyboard keys, media controls, Windows functions and more. The scroll wheel has customizable luminance with a full RGB that can be set to any color you can imagine and has four settings, off, dim, bright, and breathing. The USB connector is gold plated for better connection. The APOLLO measures 118.6 x 69.8 x 40.3 mm (w/ back shell) (LxWxH), has adjustable polling rate up to 1000Hz, and 64k of onboard memory so that settings, profiles, and macros all stay in the mouse.