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Few people are still alive who remember when the Victrola was the standard in listening to music. Also known as a phonograph, it is a relic from a time past when even cars didn't have radios. So one company set out to cram a radio into the automobile, and they called it the Motorola, a combination of the words "Motor" and "Victrola." It spread like wildfire in the automotive industry, but there really wasn't anything new about it. It was just a successful combination of existing technologies

Gigabyte Aivia Uranium Wireless Gaming Mouse and Ghost Macro Station

This is actually how many start-up companies become successful and grow. They may not have the resources to create or research some totally new piece of technology, but one person with a great idea and the will power to make it happen can change the world. Galvin Manufacturing Corporation did just that back in 1928 and the world has never looked back. It's also how many companies will get a leg up in the computer peripheral business.  Every year dozens of attempts will be made to "revolutionize" the computing and gaming industries, but these titans are hard to topple. The best bet is to do it like Galvin did, combine existing technologies in a way that no one has before.


Gigabyte Aivia Uranium Wireless Gaming Mouse and Ghost Macro Station


The Gigabyte Aivia Uranium is a one of a kind gaming mouse that comes with an OLED wireless receiver. The receiver's display enables the Aivia Uranium to control macros, program buttons, change sensitivity and polling rates without having to use software on the computer. There are 10 programmable buttons and a no-slip rubberized surface so that even the most intense gaming session won't go out of control. The Polling rate can be quickly changed from 125Hz up to 1000Hz and the DPI can be tweaked in steps of 100 DPI independently on the horizontal and vertical axes. It quickly changes between five programmable button layouts and four customizable DPI settings, but the real eye candy is the OLED display that lets you know your current profile, DPI, and polling rate all the time.