Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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Working effectively is all about having the right tools for the job at hand. While building a deck onto the back of a house you certainly would not want to use a Phillips head screwdriver and a hand saw. It would be much more effective and efficient to use a circular saw or chop box for cutting and several drills for predrilling and screwing down the boards. Similarly, having equipment that is ergonomic and fits your hands is important. For this reason we find that many tools are adjustable to fit the needs of the job or even the user.

Thermaltake Level 10M Gaming Mouse

In computing terms, we have software tools as well as hardware tools. The hardware that we use all the time consists of our mouse and keyboard. There has been a lot of focus on mechanical keyboards to optimize the experience of gaming and typing on a machine, but what about the mouse? Many people jump on getting a quality keyboard first, but the mouse is just as important. Finding the right fit for your hand size, grip style, and the aesthetic look that you prefer can be a challenging experience. One thing seems to hold true for mouse designers, customizability is a key feature.

Thermaltake Level 10M Gaming Mouse

The Thermaltake Level 10M gaming mouse is designed as a partnership with DesignWorksUSA, a subsidiary of the BMW Group and Thermaltake. The idea behind the Level 10 series of components is to instill a sense of power from both the looks and functionality. Thermaltake added the Level 10M gaming mouse to the series, focusing on enthusiasts and e-sports. The Level 10M gaming mouse features an eye pleasing non-slip rubberized finish in Diamond Black, Iron White, Military Green, and Blazing Red. It has a total of seven buttons with a total of 11 programmable macros. Lighting effects are present with seven color choices to fit your mood. The Lvl 10M is built using a high sensitivity laser sensor that can have the sensitivity adjusted up to 8200dpi. The buttons, dpi settings, and lighting effects are all customizable using the included software.