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AZiO GM533U Gaming Mouse


As an older gamer, I still retain older habits even when playing current games. I didn't grow up in the age of mouse macros and billion key keyboards. The most we had were the extravagant MechWarrior battle stations. Just about all of my early game play comprised of standard keyboards and 3 button mice. It wasn't until recently that I started using gaming focused peripherals that feature a more than average amount of inputs. I find that I enjoy gaming mice more than any of the other equipment.



The AZiO Levetron GM533U Gaming Mouse looks to combine comfort and performance. The Levetron GM533U features some essential features that gamers rely on. First, the GM533U allows easy DPI adjustments with a dedicated button. Adjustments are set to 5000, 2000, and 800dpi. Tracking is done with a laser sensor for optimal accuracy. AZiO built in 3 dedicated macro buttons; however, all 9 buttons are fully programmable with the included software. They've also included weight adjustments in 5g increments. AZiO includes a 3 year limited warranty with the GM533U Gaming Mouse.








Interface USB
OS Support Windows XP/Vista/7
Tracking Method Laser
Max DPI 5000
Buttons 9
Scrolling Capability 1 x Wheel
Dimensions 4.72" x 2.95" x 1.58" inches (LxWxH)
Weight 164g (adjustable to 134g, in 5g increments)
Warranty 3 Years Limited



  • 5000/2000/800dpi Adjustment
  • Laser Tracking for Optimal Accuracy
  • Adjustable Weight
  • 3 Dedicated Programmable Macro Buttons



Test System(s):

Test System

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3570K
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H-WB
  • Memory: 2x4GB Patriot Viper 3 2133MHz DDR3
  • HDD: Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB SSD, Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500TB HDD
  • Power Supply: NZXT HALE90 750W PSU
  • Media: LG Blu-Ray Drive
  • OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64



  • Comfort and Ergonomics
  • Gaming (Hawken Beta, Planetside 2)
  • Applications (MS Office, Photoshop CS5)



Comfort and Ergonomics-

I prefer the claw style mice when I game, so I have a bit of a bias towards the smaller mice. The Levetron GM533U uses a larger palm style. Index and middle finger lay across the top mouse buttons, while the rest of the fingers grip underneath side lips. I have a larger hand, so the mouse fits nicely. The bottom of my palm touched the mouse pad, while the tips of my fingers were just at the end of the head. The curvature and rubber pads on the side fit my thumb, ring, and pinky fingers without discomfort. They have soft rubber pads on the sides that are comfortable. Overall, the comfort and style felt good. The adjustable weights gave it a bit of customization. The only problem I had was where the macro and DPI buttons were placed. It was a far reach for my index finger, especially when trying to hit the DPI and M3 buttons. I had to either strain my index finger or lift my hand from the mouse.



The laser sensor is very accurate. I saw no noticeable difference when comparing it to other laser gaming mice that I own. The GM553U is primarily a gaming mouse, however, there are many application advantages as well. Each mouse button can be specifically programed to launch applications, or execute a macro. This is helpful outside of gaming if a separate profile is setup for application use. I also programmed the wheel tilt to page forward when tilted right and page backwards when tilted left. On regular mice, the tilt only scrolls the page left and right.



Gaming was nice on the GM533U. When using the mouse for its basic functions, there were absolutely no issues. For more advanced features, macros can be recorded. This was easily done through the included software. LOD was low. The GM533U would track at 1 CD height, however, would not track at anything higher than that. I didn't experience any lift off problems during gaming.

Gaming did expose two problems with the GM533U. One, the placement of the M3 and DPI caused index finger strain after long gaming sessions. I do have a larger hand, so this might not be an issue with a smaller hand. The second issue was that you cannot configure the DPI changes. You can only scroll through 5000, 2000, and 800 DPI. This issue had me using the mouse sensitivity controls inside of the games rather than on-the-fly adjustments while playing.



Provided by: AZiO Corp
No Compensation was received for review of this product.

Price Point

Price: $34.99 USD (Geeks.com)

Class: Budget Gamer

At a price point of $34.99, the AZiO Levetron GM533U Gaming Mouse lands in the Budget category of Gaming Mice.

Reviewer's Opinion

AZiO products are pretty foreign to me. I have rarely seen or reviewed one. This cluster that I received lately is the first time I have gotten my hands on their products. I was pleasantly surprised with the GM533U. It is a solid gaming mouse that can be found for an outstanding price. The major retail sites have the GM533U listed for $49.99, however, it can be found at a much lower price on some of the lesser traveled sites. Geeks.com currently has it listed for $34.99. My opinion, and award, is based off of that budget price.

The AZiO GM533U offers some high end features that gamers look for in mice. Some of these features cannot be found within that price range. First, you get a ton of control. Then there is the regular mouse 1-3 buttons, 4-way mouse wheel, and 3 macro buttons, and DPI adjustment button. Of those buttons, all but the DPI button and the wheel's up/down scroll are programmable. Next, the bottom features a weight system that can go from 164g to 134g in 5g increments. Last, the sensor tops out at 5000 DPI. I don't know any other mice in this price range that can top out that high. The only other mouse that comes close is the Tt eSPORTS BLK002DT, however, that mouse only tops out at 6 buttons and 4000 DPI.

The GM533U doesn't come without it's flaws. The design uses the palm grip, which requires the index finger to be extended when resting on the mouse 1 button. The issue I had was with the M3 and DPI adjustment buttons. My large finger had to bend awkwardly to hit those buttons while gaming. Over time, it caused finger strain. I would prefer having a few extra buttons under the thumb on a mouse of this style. The other problem I had was that the DPI changes are fixed. The software doesn't allow fine tuning. I found that I stuck with the 2000 DPI setting and used the gaming software mouse sensitivity adjustments. The 5000 DPI worked fine when I was at the desktop, but it was too much for me while gaming. I prefer having a 3200 DPI and 1600 DPI setting when I game.

Overall, the AZiO GM533U Gaming Mouse is a great buy. I only experienced minor problems with the mouse, however, these are more personal issues that someone else might not experience. At $34.99, you are hard pressed to find something better. I'd highly recommend the AZiO GM533U for any gamer out there. The GM533U offers high end features for gaming at a very nice price.




  • Price
  • Max 5000 DPI
  • 9 Buttons
  • Laser Sensor
  • All Buttons Programmable
  • Adjustable Weight
  • Programmable Macros
  • On-The-Fly DPI Adjustments



  • DPI and M3 Button Location Caused Index Finger Strain
  • DPI Adjustments Not Configurable



HiTech Legion Gold Award