I think I will take this opportunity to shamelessly plug some new content here at HTL. If you are a fan of gaming, there is a new video cast featuring Ron (crowtrobot) and I. The title is “In The Game” and we discuss everything gaming. Every week, we do a top 5 list of a random topic dealing with gaming, as well as latest news and some gaming reviews. The segments are getting a bit long, so we might shorten it to a top 3. We try to stay mostly with PC, however, we have extensive background with console gaming and are venturing into mobile gaming. I have an old school perspective seeing I have been a PC gamer since the 80’s, so if you’re an older gamer like me, you might enjoy the videos.

AZiO GM533U Gaming Mouse


As an older gamer, I still retain older habits even when playing current games. I didn't grow up in the age of mouse macros and billion key keyboards. The most we had were the extravagant MechWarrior battle stations. Just about all of my early game play comprised of standard keyboards and 3 button mice. It wasn't until recently that I started using gaming focused peripherals that feature a more than average amount of inputs. I find that I enjoy gaming mice more than any of the other equipment.



The AZiO Levetron GM533U Gaming Mouse looks to combine comfort and performance. The Levetron GM533U features some essential features that gamers rely on. First, the GM533U allows easy DPI adjustments with a dedicated button. Adjustments are set to 5000, 2000, and 800dpi. Tracking is done with a laser sensor for optimal accuracy. AZiO built in 3 dedicated macro buttons; however, all 9 buttons are fully programmable with the included software. They've also included weight adjustments in 5g increments. AZiO includes a 3 year limited warranty with the GM533U Gaming Mouse.