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Price Point

Price: $39.99 USD (Recon mouse), $19.99 (Skorpion bungee)

Class: Mainstream Gaming

At a price point of $39.99, the Cooler Master Storm Recon lands in the Budget category of gaming mice.

Reviewer's Opinion

Ever since Cooler Master launched their CM Storm Spawn mouse, users have been asking if a palm-grip version is on the way.  Although the Spawn and the Xornet’s ergonomic design was extremely comfortable and easily adaptable, many users with larger paws could not physically use the smaller Spawn/Xornet claw-grip chassis.  Utilizing the same Avago 3090 LED sensor as the Spawn, the CM Storm Recon is a welcome addition to the CM Storm peripheral family and answers many requested features from gaming fans. 

Cooler Master used a lighter, more manageable USB cord on the Recon, which actually almost nullifies the need for the Skorpion bungee.  While I would recommend the CM Storm Skorpion for CM Storm Spawn and other heavier corded or braided cable mouse, the CM Storm Recon’s cord does not drag or hinder movement.  Cooler Master has also added anti-fraying protection at the base of CM Storm Recon for added durability when transported. The Avago 3090 sensor itself works very well, especially with the latest firmware, having very low lift-off distance and precise tracking even at the lowest and highest sensitivity settings.  The rubberized coating on the CM Storm Recon also covers the entire functional top surface and not just the clickable areas.  

The most enticing feature of the CM Storm Recon however is the price.  With an MSRP of just $39.99, the CM Storm Recon packs plenty of enthusiast-class features and excellent tracking performance that rivals many input devices that cost twice as much.  It is not often that you find fully customizable RGB LED on a $39.99 gaming mouse but the CM Storm Recon manages to have this extra feature.  It may not be a feature that will help gamers win more matches but it is certainly a welcome addition to the already attractive rubberized matte black/gray CM Storm Recon.  

The CM Storm Recon’s software opens up access to its features and also automatically detects firmware updates.  The layout is similar to previous CM Storm mice software but with different options available.  There is no option to disable angle snapping through the Recon software, unlike in the Spawn, but prediction is disabled by default anyway.  The lift-off distance tracking has 5 adjustable levels, all of which are really low. All the settings are also saved on the onboard memory, so settings and profiles are retained even when the software is uninstalled.

The CM Storm Skorpion bungee, on the other hand, is a lot simpler and only provides the option of limb removal for easier stowing and transport. The Skorpion tail does accommodate various cable thicknesses, however, although it would have been preferable if there was some sort of customization available or a simple height adjustment option.  The feet have rubber soles for grip, although their surface is quite small, so tugging hard on the cable can sometimes lift the back feet (despite the heavy iron core). For a product that performs one task, the price is not particularly friendly on the wallet at $20, which is the same price as the CM Storm mouse pads.  

CM Storm Recon:


  • Ambidextrous design
  • Avago 3090 Sensor
  • Long-life Omron switches
  • Customizable RGB LED controls
  • 32KB Onboard memory
  • Good tracking performance on cloth or textured surfaces
  • On-the fly DPI switch buttons
  • Mouse prediction disabled
  • Excellent price
  • Textured surface
  • Lighter USB cord with reinforcement at the base
  • Customizable LOD through software



  • None


HiTech Legion Editor's Choice Award



CM Storm Skorpion Bungee:


  • Detachable legs
  • Flexible rubber arm
  • Accommodates thicker mouse cords



  • Price
  • Non-adjustable height


HiTech Legion Silver Award