CM Storm Recon Mouse with Skorpion Bungee Review

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The unfortunate thing about everyone having high-speed internet access is that we can no longer blame our shortcomings on lag. Getting toasted in competitive online games then comes down to only two factors: skill and hardware. While most of us can never rise to the level of Fatal1ty, Boxer or Daigo Umehara, due to our inferior hand-eye coordination, one aspect we can change is the equipment we use. Hundreds of dollars are spent on finding the right processor, video card, keyboard and headset, so why should it be any different when picking the right mouse?

CM Storm Recon Mouse and Skorpion Bungee


Understandably, most people feel uncomfortable spending that much cash on something small and could possibly break within a few months, due to constant use.  Luckily for us, Cooler Master doesn’t think you should spend a lot of money on a good gaming mouse either, as evidenced from their CM Storm product offerings.  The CM Storm Spawn with the latest fw61 firmware, for example, is one of the best gaming mice I have ever used and it costs less than other popular brands.  Most other manufacturers just over-spent on a bad laser sensor anyway, just so they can slap an unnecessarily high DPI setting on the cover box and marketing does the rest of the job. Cooler Master apparently knows better and has released the latest addition to their CM Storm gaming line at an attractive price point of just $39.99.

CM Storm Recon Mouse and Skorpion Bungee


The CM Storm Recon Mouse uses an Avago 3090 optical sensor, similar to the CM Storm Spawn mouse. The CM Storm Recon, however, is designed to be ambidextrous with its symmetrical design, including left and right back/forward side buttons. The surface of the CM Storm Recon is rubber coated for extra grip while the buttons utilize high-grade Japanese Omron micro-switches for longevity and responsiveness. Additional features, such as lift-off distance adjustment, LED customization, macro recording, polling rate change, button re-assignments, and profile management, can be unlocked upon installing the Recon software. The CM Storm Skorpion, on the other hand, is a mouse bungee for holding mouse cords in place and prevents cable dragging while playing.  The CM Storm Skorpion has an iron core for weighted stability and three legs with rubber soles positioned in a wide stance for desktop grip. Both the CM Storm Recon mouse and CM Storm Skorpion carry a 2-year warranty.