If you ever have been deer hunting, then you certainly know that accuracy matters. Usually you only get one chance to take down an epic Buck that could feed your family with several months’ worth of meat. You also don’t want to hit the wrong spot on the animal where they will get away and end up suffering. One of the most important rules of hunting is to know where to hit the animal to reduce the chance an animal will only be injured. It is important that the hits be lethal so that the animal can be recovered. To be as accurate as possible, it is necessary to control your breathing and have a steady hand, otherwise the sights will bounce all over the place, of course a good position never hurts either.

Roccat Lua Box


In PC gaming, and particularly with FPS games, there is something to be said for accuracy. In fact, many games now are tracking statistics and accuracy is a big one. Just like with hunting, picking the right tool for the job is important to ensuring success. Granted, for most gamers, you have more than one chance to have some fun and get the opponent. In the case of professional gamers, however, that may not be so true, the outcome of a match can mean the difference between being successful in a tournament and going home sad.

Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse

The ROCCAT Lua optical gaming mouse is designed with budget gamers in mind. The ROCCAT Lua's buttons all use high quality Omron switches to ensure durability. It has an ambidextrous V-Shaped mouse that is ideal for palm-grip users, although it could be used with any grip. The R2 Pro Optic sensor provides seven dpi modes, ranging from 250dpi to 2000dpi, that are easily switched, offering an excellent range of speed settings to suit any play style. The scroll wheel has tactile feedback for accurate scrolling and gameplay. The ROCCAT Logo on the mouse is lit by a switchable LED, allowing it to be on, off, or a breathing pattern. The LED setting can be switched using the included driver/software, along with the ability to customize the sensitivity and what each button does.