I'm glad that I never niched myself when it came to gaming. What I mean is that I never only stuck to one genre. While growing up, I was just an all around gamer. I played whatever game sparked my interest. I knew many people that would only stick to one type of game, or maybe two. They'd play FPS games and maybe sports games, but never venture into RPG games. Even on consoles, I played everything and anything. However, I was always more akin to the PC.



MMORPG and RTS players use tons of button combinations and commands to control their characters and armies. A typical MMORPG can contain multiple action bars with as many as 13 different actions on each bar. Now figure in the multiple classes of characters that have drastically different abilities. Most will use up all of the bars, in addition to secondary emote commands. For an MMO player, the keyboard or a device with multiple buttons is the most important tool. This isn't the same for a FPS player. FPS games require superior hand eye coordination. A quick hand and pinpoint accuracy is more important than a million buttons. For an FPS player, the most important tool is a good mouse. Gaming mice have come along way and the good ones combine functionality to cater to all game types.


The CM Storm Sentinel Advance II gaming mouse puts control into the gamer's hands. The Sentinel Advance II features everything that gamers loved with the original. Cooler Master improved the design by adding the latest Avago ADNS-9800 Laser sensor. The new laser allows a maximum DPI of 8200. It also improves the lift-off by allowing as little as 1.5mm distance. There is 128KB Sentinel-X memory for storing profiles and macros within 5 profiles. Adjustments can be made on-the-fly by utilizing 4 DPI settings. DPI can be changed in 200 DPI increments. Polling rate can be toggled between 125Hz and 1000Hz and velocity is up to 150 IPS. There are 8 programmable buttons and weight adjustment in 4.5g increments.