Tesoro Lobera Supreme Mechanical Keyboard Review

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The desire to customize is something that is embedded in human nature. All we need to do is take a look around ourselves every day to see that this is true. We change our hairstyles, wear different jewelry to make ourselves look different and, of course, there are all the different styles of clothing that people like to wear. Another area where this is clear is the huge business of body modification in regards to piercing and the art of tattoos. Our bodies and physical appearances are not the only place where customization is desired, though, machines and electronics are another area where we want to be different.

Tesoro Lobera Supreme Blue Switch Edition


From custom motorcycles to custom computer chassis, the desire to make something unique is universal, it just depends on what you are into. One of the ways companies have been tapping into these desires is offering the ability to make things your own, in some ways. Even if we are talking about stock items that are not unique in the same way as a custom motorcycle, the ability to easily change something as simple as backlighting still fulfills the desire to have something your way. The Tesoro Lobera Supreme mechanical keyboard is one example of an item that offers plenty of customization.

Tesoro Lobera Supreme Blue Switch Edition


The Tesoro Lobera Supreme mechanical keyboard features a customizable RGB backlighting and five custom profiles. The Tesoro Lobera Supreme comes with switches from Kailh that are rated for 50 million key actuations. Along with the option for blue, brown, red, or even black switches, there are plenty of choices to get exactly what you are looking for in a keyboard. There is support for both 6 key rollover and Full N-Key rollover for lag free key presses, this can be toggled with a simple key combination. The five "frosty" profiles and 50 programmable macros are stored in the on-board memory so you are able to take your profiles with the keyboard, no matter where you decide to go. In addition, there are multimedia controls, quick profile changes, and Windows key lockout functionality.