There are some items that just seem to get abused heavily. I had an incident with my lawnmower where I bent the blade on it by running into a rock. I was right in the middle of mowing the lawn, which was already overgrown from two weeks of ignoring it. I couldn’t simply put the mower back in the shed and leave the lawn for another day, so I had to rush to the hardware store and, luckily, I was able to buy a replacement blade and install it in about 10 minutes. This allowed me to finish my task and made me happy that I did not have to leave my lawn in shambles.

Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z Illuminated Blue Switch Edition Z Illuminated Blue Switch Edition


When it comes to computers, some things are repairable and there are other problems that you just have to replace parts for. Personally, if I was in the middle of an intense gaming session or a critical paper for school, I would be pretty upset if something happened to my keyboard. Most people don’t have spare keyboards floating around and the consequences could be as small as losing a game or as big as failing an assignment. My personal preference is towards the feel of mechanical keyboards, plus the huge advantage of durability, even if you are someone who tends to be hard on the keys.

Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z Illuminated Blue Switch Edition


The Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z keyboard is designed to be a budget friendly mechanical keyboard. The Poseidon Z offering uses Tt eSPORTS certified mechanical switches and is available with blue or brown switches. The switches are rated for 50 million keystrokes and Tt eSPORTS is offering an amazing five year warranty on the Poseidon Z. It has blue backlighting for the entire keyboard with four adjustable brightness levels, including the ability to turn the backlight off. Anti-ghosting functionality is built in with a 6-8 key N rollover, so you shouldn’t have an issue hitting larger key combinations while gaming. In addition, we have a button to disable the Windows key and media controls using the FN + F1-F7 keys for volume and media player control.