Func KB-460 Cherry MX Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review

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One of the great advantages of tech forums is that we get to learn from other’s mistakes. If you are questioning the sense of doing something and/or the safety of your components as a result, just Google it. Someone has tried it. They will either be reveling in the fact that it worked, or complaining that it caused their system to catch fire, burn down the apartment building they lived in and left them homeless to post from the local Starbucks. No matter how outlandish your idea may be, someone has tried it. If it is a mistake, don’t do it. If it works, go for it….provided more than one person has tried it and had good results….and the poster is reputable….and it doesn’t involve sticking your tongue in an electrical outlet.

FUNC KB-460 Backlit Cherry MX Keyboard



So, yes, you can learn from others, and from observation of what others have done and are doing. Manufacturers do this all of the time. I mean, really, you don’t think Phanteks just showed up out of nowhere with no market knowledge to own the two price points in air cooling they compete in, do you? Of course not. They saw what worked and what didn’t, tweaked what worked to make it better and never cut any corners. Func did the same thing earlier this year when they decided to have their own mouse to glide across their well-known gaming surfaces. They didn’t invent the mouse with the MS-3, they just made it a mouse that addressed the real needs of a gamer. With all of their time in the gaming industry, it is pretty obvious that they are going to know more than a thing or two about what really works. Now they are bringing it into hardware.

FUNC KB-460 Backlit Cherry MX Keyboard


The Func KB-460 is the manufacturer’s first foray into keyboards, and their gaming background is quite obvious. Right off the bat the Func KB-460 features Cherry MX Red switches, five user programmable profiles and a two port USB 2.0 hub on the rear of the unit. The choice of the Red switches was obvious as they are the primary gamer’s choice, but Func has stated that switch options may be available in the near future. The KB-460 also features full N-Key roll over anti-ghosting allowing for infinite simultaneous keys to be depressed and read, making the most difficult of combinations a possibility. Function keys double as multimedia controls and profile selectors allowing for control without ever needing to leave your game or open software. All of the five profiles are stored on the 128kb of memory on board the KB-460, so your profiles will go with you anywhere with no need for software. The included programming software includes a macro editor to allow up to ten assignable keys per profile. In terms of looks and finish, the KB-460 has red rear illumination with four steps in brightness including a pulsing mode. The entire face and included wrist rest are coated in high quality rubberized finish for durability and reduced slip. The Func KB-460 includes a one year warranty which automatically extends to two years upon registration.