Gigabyte Force K7 Stealth Gaming Keyboard Review

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The human eye is capable of perceiving millions of colors, but all of those colors stem from the three primary colors, red, blue, and green. Most people know this in one form or another but did you know that of our 126 million rods and cones that see light and distinguish grey scale and differentiate color, only 6 million cones actually see color, and those are divided more or less equally between the primary colors. That leaves us with only 2 million cones for red, 2 million for green, and a final 2 for blue. Two million seems like a lot but compared to nearly 130 million you see it is not. Yet, somehow, color is one of the most important things humans have for visual cues. We use color to help determine the mood of other people. We use color to signal intent and to notify others of danger or safety. We use color to direct traffic. We use color for so many different things, I could never list them all.

Gigabyte Force K7


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Gigabyte Force K7


The Gigabyte Force K7 is a striking keyboard that utilizes blue and green backlighting to illuminate their silent gaming keyboard. The Force K7 by Gigabyte is a scissor switch style keyboard that allows for 5 million key presses, has anti-ghosting around the WASD cluster, allowing gamers to make more key presses simultaneously, and has a number of other features to entice the gaming community. The blue and green backlighting is able to be combined to create a cyan color; this is done with a simple press of the scroll wheel at the top of the keyboard which also controls light output levels. There is another scroll wheel next to that one which controls volume, rolling up increases volume and down decreases volume but a simple click of the wheel acts like a system mute. The function keys (F1-F12) serve as hot link function keys and perform tasks, such as instantly opening Facebook, Twitter, or the Google browser. The hotlink function keys also open up things like a calculator and ask manager, and work as media keys with a pause, play, skip, forward, and reverse keys. All of the keys themselves are low profile and have short travel distance before actuation.