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In the automotive industry, you have dozens of car categories. There are models which target people who think of cars as a necessary evil, and there are models which seek to be the ultimate thrill for the super-rich enthusiast. In between, you have everything from low-end sports cars to super luxurious sedans. Every so often, though, a manufacturer gets the idea to fit all the high-performance upgrades into a luxury sedan and create a vehicle that roars like a lion and drives like a bat out of hell while giving you a deep muscle massage.

CM Storm QuickFire XT


Those who are uninitiated in car culture would be well warned to stand clear of the ferocious battle of opinion over which of the dozen cars meeting that description is really best. However, you can feel free to join the much more low key debate on the best keyboard. Since the Cherry MX have been marketed to gamers, the mechanical keyboards have been making a strong comeback. From all the manufacturers making these keyboards, you're getting equivalents to everything from a riced out Civic to an M3 to the La Ferrari.

CM Storm QuickFire XT


The CM Storm QuickFire XT is a keyboard with the Cherry MX mechanical keys. If the QuickFire XT was a car, it would be trying to compete with the likes of the BMW M3 or the Porsche 911. With its Cherry MX Blue keys, it attempts to combine the mechanical features that are desired by gamers, such as NKRO, with a nice elegant and simple styling unlike the other full-sized mechanical keyboard from Cooler Master. In fact, it has such a nice and clean styling that it could very easily pass as just any other keyboard. Well, at least until you start typing. Shortly after you start clickety-clacking away, anyone within earshot will know that this is not a standard keyboard.