Azio KB505U Backlit Large Print Keyboard Review

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I tend to keep keyboards for a very, very long time. I am very particular about them, so once I find something I like I stay with it, typically until long after the key markings are gone. I’m not really much of a gamer, so mechanical switches don’t do much for me. I don’t need my keyboard to make me breakfast in bed, I just need it to be accurate, comfortable and durable….and black. I really dislike the look of beige components.

Azio KB505U Keyboard


But different people have different needs. There is a glut of gaming keyboards on the market offering different switches, hotkeys, macros, programmability and all kinds of backlighting. They also tend to run quite a bit of money. So what does an average guy do who just needs backlighting due to environmental or vision factors? In most cases, it is either bite the bullet and spend 3-4 times as much on a keyboard with a myriad of features that aren’t needed, or simply carry on without backlighting.

Azio KB505U Keyboard


For those looking for better key visibility without all of the add-ons, the Azio KB505U Large Print Backlit Keyboard may be just the answer. While the Azio Large Print Backlit Keyboard doesn’t offer a wealth of gaming options, it does offer a solid, comfortable quality keyboard with backlighting and a couple of extra perks. Up at the top of the keyboard resides a set of hot keys for multimedia and frequently used commands. Keeping programming out of the picture, all are Plug and Play with Windows 7 and work flawlessly by simply plugging the keyboard’s USB interface in. Key markings are oversized for easier recognition, while backlighting is selectable between blue, red and purple. A quiet membrane keyboard is used for good feel and key travel. Azio backs the high quality KB505U with a 3-year warranty.