Patriot, a word with many meanings. I found myself stopped in my tracks just at the sound of it. A derivative of the word is Patriotic, and when I think of this, I often think of fireworks. Fireworks are often used in celebration and, whether young or old, we stand back and are awed by the resounding sounds and brilliant colors, something that can unite those who cannot speak the same language. We all enjoy such beautiful colors, bursting high in the air. Fireworks are often used as a celebratory way to show Patriotism, and regardless of gender, age or race, their beauty is admired by all.

Patriot Fuel+ 2200mAhPatriot Fuel+ 6000mAh

Patriot Fuel+ 9000mAh


Fireworks are one of many things that many people can enjoy, not just for a sense of being Patriotic, but just for the enjoyment. I am sure, like millions of other people across the globe, there is something that I enjoy on a daily basis not just during special occasions. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become something that have infiltrated their way into our daily lives. Going for a morning run? Don’t forget your iPod. Headed out the door on your way to work? Don’t forget your smartphone or tablet. They put the power of the internet, the largest library of books and information, at our fingertips. They give us access to our emails, phone calls and text messages, video chats, point of sale systems, and more. plus a plethora of apps, more than a person could probably use. Whether you have an iPhone, or other IOS device, or an Android, there are so many options, and yes, most of us use them daily. A large concern of users of these smart devices is battery life. The Patriot to the rescue! In this case, the Patriot Fuel+ mobile rechargeable battery.

Patriot Fuel+ 6000mAh 1A and 2.5A outputs


The latest lineup of mobile rechargeable batteries from Patriot, the Patriot Fuel+ mobile rechargeable battery, gives us peace of mind when using our mobile devices daily. Most smart device users will have encountered a time where their battery was going to die. Patriot, with their many offerings from its Fuel+ lineup, which include the Patriot Fuel+ 2200mAh, the Patriot Fuel+ 6000mAh, and the Patriot Fuel+ 9000mAh, provide us a solution to our battery worries. The Patriot Fuel+ features power pass through technology that enables the battery and a device to be charged simultaneously. They also feature built-in protection to ensure safe charging cycles. Patriot has engineered and built the Fuel+ rechargeable batteries to laptop battery standards, using high quality components. Backed by Patriot's customer service, and 2 year limited warranty, Patriot has a solution for every mobile device user. Some might use their phone constantly throughout the day, while others may just want something as a backup plan in case of emergencies. These options allow the end user to choose the appropriate solution to fit their needs.