I think it is pretty clear that we are living in a mobile world. Growth in mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is exponential, while analysts say the desktop market is shrinking. Even if the desktop market is shrinking and mobile is taking over, there will always be a niche market for the enthusiast crowd who crave power. Often the same groups of people who need the best desktop components available need to have the newest smartphone or tablet, but how do you keep those devices running twenty four seven when the battery life on them tends to be terrible?

Antec PowerUp 6000 Battery Pack


One way I know of is that we plug them in every time we get a chance. We plug them in the car, at a friend’s house, or at work. I feel like having to plug in a mobile device constantly defeats the entire premise of it being mobile. Then, of course, there is always the choice of accessories, which ones do you need, which ones you just want. I know for me, a case is a necessity but there are tons of choices and usually the ones in the stores are not for me. Antec, a company that is known for cases and power supplies, has a new line of mobile products that they have dubbed A.M.P. for your portable enjoyment.

Antec Go Charger


Two of Antec mobile products include the PowerUp 6000 and go charger. The PowerUp 6000 is a portable charger with a 6000mAh lithium battery and uses quality Japanese cells. Input power is provided from a micro USB connection requiring 5V, and the output is 2A at 5V from a full sized USB port, so you can connect any device that uses a USB port to charge. Another product that pairs well with the PowerUp 6000 is the go charger. The go charger is a charger that plugs into a vehicle's 12V accessory plug, and features two USB ports for charging two devices simultaneously. One of the ports provides 1A of power, while the other can provide 2A of power for capability with tablet devices. The unique feature of the go charger is the inline fuse that is the same type as a typical car fuse. Both of these products feature industrial standard power protection circuits to protect your devices.