Hurricane Sandy affected a large amount of the east coast, causing devastation in some areas and merely knocking out power in others. The shoreline in my community was completely destroyed, with houses floating in the water and beaches eroded, thanks to the storm surge. However, inland there was very little damage and mainly power outages reported. New Jersey and New York took the brunt of the storm and suffered massive damage, flooding, and power outages. Some folks may not even get their power back until Thanksgiving. We have to feel for the folks who were affected by this massive storm, but also appreciate that it could have been worse.

Vantec Power Gem 3500 Battery Pack


One of the biggest issues is getting supplies into the disaster areas. The governments really need to be using military like supply chains to get the supplies to the people who really need them. One way some people are able to get through and keep up on the news is through their cell phones, but without power they are useless. Having a backup battery for your smartphone could potentially come in handy when dealing with limited access to power. I know in New York people with generators were helping their neighbors by allowing them to charge their devices. Of course, cell phones don’t help with heat, but having access to the world and news helps to keep people humanized.

Vantec Power Gem 3500 Battery Bank


The Vantec Power Gem 3500 portable battery bank comes in four colors, to suite any personality. The finish of the Power Gem 3500 is a scratch resistant UV coating and has a set of four blue LEDs to indicate the battery charge level. Vantec designed the battery pack with a 3500mAh Lithium-ion Polymer battery. This provides the typical USB device with between 1.5 and 2 full charges. At only 104g and 113 x 59 x 15mm, the Vantec Power Gem 3500 is very small and light for easy transportation. Two USB ports are located on the battery pack providing 5V and 1A of power each, so that two devices can be charged at the same time. Vantec also included Over Charge Protection, Over Discharging Protection, Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Over Temperature Protection.