For hundreds of years, fireworks that lit up the night sky were limited to orange and white sparks. Orange was produced with the use of black powders while white was produced with metal. When European advances in chemistry discovered combinations that could be applied to ancient Asian pyrotechnics, more exotic color combinations were finally able to be produced. Pure Magnesium and Aluminum allowed the fireworks to shine brighter while various metallic salts, like strontium, barium and copper, were combined with a chlorinated powder to produce more colorful hues of explosions. It took a lot of effort and a lot of missing fingers to enjoy the complex fireworks display we enjoy today.

NZXT Hue LED Controller


In contrast, adding lights to your PC through customization is extremely easy.  NZXT has made several LED lighting kits that come pre-sleeved and only require placement and plugging in to be used. The only drawback is that each kit is limited to only one color. Users with fickle tastes now have an even better choice to consider with the release of the Hue LED RGB Controller, NZXT’s effort to make LED customization even easier than before.

NZXT Hue RDB LED Controller


The NZXT Hue is a customizable RGB LED accessory that fits in a 5.25” drive bay.  The NZXT Hue LED kit has three rotary controls on the front panel that allow users to mix and match various color options.  A two meter long LED RGB strip is included in the NZXT Hue LED controller kit and is outfitted with a 3M adhesive backing for convenient case mounting.  The NZXT Hue LED controller draws power from a SATA connector and has an MSRP of $32.99 USD.