Rosewill RPLC-500KIT Powerline Ethernet Adapter Review

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Some sports are about speed while others are all about strength. Then we have those that require speed, agility, strength, and endurance. Take soccer, for example. Those players need to be able to move up and down the field for a considerable amount of time, while dodging other players and moving the ball down the field. Football is another great example because in that sport, there are players that each have a specialized role. The offensive guard needs to have strength but does not need to have the best speed because their job is simply to stop the other team by pushing back their defensive line. Then you have positions like the kicker, whose entire job is just to kick the football when necessary.

Rosewill RPLC-500


Similar to the specialized players in football, networking has specialized equipment to handle different tasks. In a modern network environment, there will be routers, switches, wireless access points, and possibly repeaters. Home devices, like wireless “routers”, are usually a combination of the various pieces of networking equipment, and sometimes they are unable push the signal to certain areas of a home. Thankfully, there are some specialized devices to assist with getting the network easily to the desired location. These devices include wireless repeaters, as well as power line adapters, that are used in specific environments.

Rosewill RPLC-500


The Rosewill RPLC-500KIT is a set of powerline adapters that offer the potential to transport up to 500 Mbps of data through a home’s existing power infrastructure. The RPLC-500KIT offers an additional way to move network traffic through a home, with support for 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports. The technology works by transmitting the data at a different frequency than the power is generating on the line. One adapter will plug into your wall and will be connected with an Ethernet cable to your internet gateway, whether that is a router or modem. The other adapter is plugged into an outlet wherever you desire network access in the home. The Rosewill RPLC-500 adapters support 128-bit encryption and have LEDs to indicate the quality of power, Ethernet status, and data status.