Netbooks and small laptops seem to be a very hot ticket for many people. Everyone wants the functionality of a laptop without the size. This comes with some sacrifices, namely, slower processors, lack of a decent video card, and limited inputs. One of my co-workers recently bought an ASUS UL30VT-X1 laptop. This laptop has a switchable video card with a 13" widescreen and is the size in between a netbook and laptop. Its only fatal flaw is that there is no optical drive. This is where good portable peripherals come into play.



One excellent peripheral is the Archgon Mobile Optical Disk Drive MD-9102 DVD Re-Writer. The MD-9102 has a rated speed of 8X/8X/24X. This portable DVD drive is only 9.5mm thick and just over the size of a DVD. The MD-9102 is ultra light, weighing in at about 133.4g or around 1/4 lb. There is a glossy black finish. It's also fully USB powered, meaning no extra cables are needed, other than a single connection.


We have never reviewed an Archgon product, so here is a bit of information about their company from their website. "Archgon International Ltd. is a company renowned for its quality products in the field of computer peripherals, such as DVD/Blu-Ray Driver, HDD Enclosure, Media Player and accessories such as USB, HDMI Cables with strong OEM/ODM experience in the field of media storage and digital entertainment device. We offer variety of products with highest manufacture standard and newest technology available under strict supervision to ensure only the best quality products will be delivered to the world. Today, ARCHGON is aiming to surpass OEM by delivery the product that meets the demand of end user by placing its value on users come first. We design our product with industry professionalism and innovations resulting in stylish, light, mobile and user-friendly Mobile HDD, Mobile DVD/BD Optical Disk Drive and Media Player which can be enjoy by people of all ages. With quality product, superior customer service and on time delivery, ARCHGON has risen to become the leading IT suppliers."