For many years now, scientists have been puzzled by the purpose of Paleolithic wall paintings found in Spain and France.  Anthropologists suggest that it could be part of a ritual while artists believe that it is just the innate human desire of self-expression.  Whatever the purpose may be, one undeniable fact is that it is a form of communication; it was as much about depicting their environment as it was about sharing a vision.  This was true then, when all we had were primitive painting tools and it is true now that we can communicate with anyone on the face of the planet through the Internet. We build and populate virtual communities so we can share ideas and display our creativity.



“Content is King” when it comes to building a web presence and the best way to build interest and generate content at the same time is through fostering user-generated material.  In the last few years, interest in generation and consumption of 3D content has increased dramatically but outlets for this kind of content are not matching the rate of demand. Enter NVIDIA with 3D Vision Live.


3D Vision Live is the world’s first 3D streaming web channel that allows users to share their own 3D content with the world.  The 3D Vision Live web portal is made possible with NVIDIA, Microsoft Silverlight and Phereo stereo 3D technologies, delivering high-definition, full resolution 3D content, right to your desktop.  3D Vision Live is completely free for NVIDIA 3D Vision users but the 3D photos can also be viewed in anaglyph, or other 3D modes, for users without a 3D Vision kit.