I can remember when Donkey Kong and Pac-Man ruled the roost when it came to video games. I used to save as many quarters as possible throughout the week so I could head to the local café on Friday and Saturday and play either of them for hours on end. Café? Yes, Café, I grew up in Newark, N.J. (Down Neck Newark) - we didn’t have arcades, we had the neighborhood café that had a couple video games.



My best memories of those days were developing strategies for the games, so one play would last for hours on one quarter. It’s true, my crew and I had patterns that we developed and learned, there was one for every level. The end result - one quarter could last 4 hours and when ten levels were completed we would switch off. About that time, I was given my first computer - a Commodore Vic 20 - I remember spending hours typing in code, just to program it to play Space Invaders. (Or a game similar) This is where I got my first taste of computer gaming.

As years progressed, and computers became more popular, I stuck with computer gaming, while a lot of my friends began to purchase console games. I will admit I tried it too, but I was never impressed with the graphics or that game pad (I still can’t use it, because I’m left handed and no one caters to us). It seemed that most of my friends had not only one console but two or three and probably 10 to 15 games for each. (Ludicrous) These guys are spending thousands to play games that will not work cross platform.

Are you a computer gamer or someone who did computer game and are leaning towards console gaming? NVIDIA has an answer to help you throw those money sucking consoles into the closet. This would be to play your games in Stereoscopic 3D and do it on one machine - your computer.


NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision is a Stereoscopic solution that allows you to game in 3D right from your computer. The GeForce 3D Vision hardware can be purchased as a single unit, which would be 3D Stereoscopic glasses and an IR emitter, or as a bundle, which includes a 22” 120 Hz LCD monitor. (You will need a 120 Hz monitor * to play in 3D, details can be found later in this review.) NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision is yet another tool you can take advantage of, if you own an NVIDIA GPU that is PhysX and CUDA ready.