Anyone have their vacations planned out yet for the end of the year? My wife and I are taking a group trip to Cabo San Lucas for a week. It should be a blast as the company we are traveling with are great people. With this trip there is going to be some downtime to relax, but also a ton of pictures and possibly movies taken. I'm going to need something portable to bring with me that I can use as a centralized location to view all of the media we make.



My digital camera uses SD cards as well as some minor internal memory to store the pictures I take. The only way to extract or view the files once they are taken is either on the camera itself, or after they are extracted onto a computer through the USB connection. At the end of the day, when everything has settled down, most people like to recap on their day by viewing all of the things that were done and the pictures that were taken. What am I going to need? Something that can plug into the television and let me showcase all of my recently created photos for everyone to see.


The Diamond HD Media Wonder Mini HD Media Player combined portability with versatility. The Mini HD Media Player allows either a composite or component connection to play many popular media formats on the television. The Mini Media Wonder can output video in 720p and is the size of a mint tin. There are inputs for USB as well as SD/MMC so it covers the most major forms of portable storage.