What media can't you get digital these days? The age of magnetic tape is long gone. Now, everything is stored on flash drives, usb drives, and computer systems. Not too long ago in order to view a recently taped family vacation all that was needed was a VCR. You could take the tape straight from the camera and just pop it into the VHS player.  If you wanted to view any photographs, that required development at some 1 hour photo drop. Those days are gone.



Cameras are all HD these days and can do both video and photo digitally which transfes from internal memory storage. It's also common practice to watch and store big picture media on the computer. Most people take advantage of the "My Video" and "My Photo" directories on their computer to save everything but have no way of easily accessing all of that media on their TV other then burning DVD's or buying expensive HTPC setups.


The Diamond HD Media Wonder Full HD Media Player bridges all of your media to your TV. The HD Media wonder allows nearly all media to be played over the Internet, through USB storage, or over a computer network. The Media Wonder has full 1080p capability as well as UPnP options. There is built in RSS and Internet Radio features as well so you can be kept up to date on the news as well as stream your favorite online radio stations.