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Many of us find ourselves with a wide range of options when it comes to our media. The advent of digital media has made delivery of media quicker and easier but, in the end, for most of us, has left us chained to our desks where our computers sit. Making the transition from the chair to the couch has usually required building a media center PC or buying an expensive set top box.



I've tried my hand at solving this issue over the years, from converting an old PC to using a laptop and, recently, putting together a dedicated networked HTPC. Many of these worked, some better than others, but all had one thing in common. The cost of setting up a TV to play media was often heavy enough that only hooking up your main TV made sense.


The Micca MPlay Digital Media Player provides a low cost solution to these issues. Pricing the Micca Mplay at under $30, Micca makes it feasible to hook one up to every TV you own or simply the one you want it at most. Taking both USB and SD, it plays many of the popular video formats at up to 720p as well as playing music and displaying images.