My wife is a reality television junkie, but she is pretty specific in the shows she watches. It all looks the same to me….as far as I can tell, she is watching an endless stream of the same show, apparently called “America’s Top Bridal Runway Design All-Star Model Voice”….or something very similar. This tends to tie up the main TV a bit, leaving me to seek refuge in other areas of the house with entertainment a bit more, shall we say, palatable. Of course, there are also times that it seems this same show is on 287 of the 291 channels offered by my cable company at the same time. All I can say is, thankfully, I can have a computer in every room of the house.



However, I need to take my media with me. Hooking up an ultrabook in the bedroom doesn’t offer me the option of a built in BluRay drive, and I don’t necessarily want to invest in drives for every room of the house. It would also be nice to be able to burn some 25GB discs, not only for hi-def multimedia, but for data as well. This is where an external BluRay burner like the Rosewill RDED-12001 truly comes in handy.



The new RDED-12001 Slim External Blu-Ray Drive from Rosewill offers 6x read and write speed for Blu-Ray media in a sleek blue aluminum housing. The Rosewill RDED-12001 uses a USB 3.0 interface with dual connectors that is also backwards compatible to USB 2.0, so you can take your media almost anywhere. In addition to Blu-Ray, the RDED-12001 is fully DVD and CD capable, with 8x/6x DVD read and write to go along with 24x CD read and write speeds. The Rosewill RDED-12001 also shows tremendous versatility and is able to write DL layer discs for BR and DVD, as well as rewriteable CD/DVD and BD-RE. The slim aluminum housing of the RDED-12001 is extremely durable, making it an excellent choice for road warriors, while near silent operation puts it at home in any entertainment environment. Included with the RDED-12001 is a copy of Cyberlink PowerDVD, a premier Blu-Ray and DVD player for Windows. The RDED-12001 is plug and play, and compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, as well as Mac OSX 10.6 and higher.