I've never liked that computer manufacturers called certain released series of computers "Media PCs". Every PC released contains all of the same functions, the only real differences are subtle hardware changes. Does adding a $5 card reader and a $20 TV tuner really make a PC magically a Media PC? It sure was never worth the premium they tagged on to that label. Dell was notorious for those things. They had a lineup of "Studio" laptops that were nothing more then Inspirons with a paint job. But you sure paid "studio" prices for that paint job.




NZXT has always had a unique style about them. Most of what they offer prove to have exceptional design. In my opinion, the Phantom is one of the best looking cases currently on the market. My last review of the Source 220 had shown that even their budget line doesn't skimp on design. I've been able to see 2 different fan controllers, and both combine good style with functionality that can work in nearly every case out there. Overall, NZXT products are solid and reliable. NZXT has decided to start a new line of accessories in PC expansion. Fortunately, HiTech Legion was able to get first crack at one of their latest releases.


The NZXT Aperture M is the first of a new lineup out the gate. The Aperture M features a card reader combined with a USB 3.0 hub. This combination fits in any case's 5.25" ODD bay and provides further expansion. The Aperture M is designed with a mesh face to match all of the newest, cooling based, cases available. The USB 3.0 ports connect via the newest USB 3.0 header while the card reader uses the USB 2.0 header. The card reader supports CF, MD, SM, XD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MS, M2, and MicroSD formats.