When I was a young man, and still attending public school, during my summer vacation I would look for odd jobs to earn extra money. Shining shoes at the train station while businessmen traveled to and from work was the first of many. The invaluable lessons learned during those summer jobs have stuck with me and shaped who I am today. I would like to share with you today just two of those lessons that I learned on my very first day from my older brother, who would drop me off every morning and pick me up every evening on his way home from work. At the end of my very first day, as I packed up my shine box and sat on the curb, totally exhausted, waiting for my ride, I started counting the quarters in my pocket. At 25 cents a shine, I had accumulated almost six dollars for my hard work that day.

Sapphire Vid-2x



I was so excited that when my brother showed up, I was quick to point out the amount of money I had made. His very first words were, "What are you going to do with the money?" My initial response was, "Keep it. Why?" He replied, "This is what I want you to do, take two dollars and put it in your pocket. That's yours to keep. Then give the rest to Mom." This immediately made me realize, lesson number one, that family comes first, and lesson number two, how hard work and productivity can reap many rewards. Sapphire, whom I'm sure you all know, is a leading manufacturer of video cards. They have developed a device called the VID-2X that is designed to expand your view and help you reap the rewards of increased productivity, whether you're gaming, or hard at work on your PC or laptop, at home or at the office.


Sapphire's VID-2X is a plug and play compact device that was designed to extend your existing monitor into one large field of view, in effect, tricking the system and allowing you to add two additional monitors to your system from just one display port, be it a laptop, netbook, home computer, or office PC. The VID-2X from Sapphire accomplishes this without you having to install any software or drivers. In addition, the VID-2X will make use of the video card installed and, without using system resources, maintain a resolution or output in clone mode of up to 1920 x 1280. The VID-2X offers several connection options using your existing cable option of DVI, with cables included, and once installed, will double your field of view. The Sapphire VID-2X will also adapt to VGA or HDMI display ports with adapters you may have on hand with your existing system. The VID-2X will actually take advantage of the unused bandwidth in both the GPU and the graphics video interface, and is able to accomplish this by tricking the system by supplying display timings to the GPU that are double the width of the physical display. For example, the VID-2X, while set in stretch mode, will actually give you up to 3840 x 1200 by simply grouping 2 x the 1920 x 1200, of both monitors, and allow you to configure your display's settings through your system's on board control panel. In clone mode, it will actually duplicate your primary system on your second monitor. Sapphire's status display window and 8 dip switches on the VID-2X will also allow you to add or remove pixels. This gives you the ability to match image quality and size across two monitors, despite the fact that bezel sizes may be different from one monitor to the other. The Sapphire VID-2X is also designed and configured to work across platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OS-X operating systems.