We are in the age of wireless connectivity. Network connections, speaker setups, computer peripherals, just about anything that can transfer information through a wire has a wireless counterpart. It seems like only yesterday, the only thing we had wireless was a cordless phone. The technology still has its issues, especially when it comes to security. There are still many people that don't know how to lock down their networks. I can walk down the street and connect to about 5 different open networks. There was just a story on the news about a guy getting raided by the feds because they tracked child pornography transactions on his network. However, it wasn't him, rather someone that connected to his wireless network.



Diamond Multimedia has its hands in some pretty cool things.  While it has a very good hand in its AMD video card lineup, its more interesting products are on the multimedia side of things. You can get a video card from anyone, anywhere, however, the unique products are what differentiate companies. Some of their better products are the TV tuners and HD players, in my opinion. When it comes to things connecting to the TV, Diamond does an excellent job.


One of their newest products is the DIAMOND V-Stream wireless PC to TV WPCTV1080H USB to HDMI Interface. The V-Stream allows a wireless HDMI connection from any computer or laptop using a couple USB transmitters. The V-Stream is capable of pictures up to 1080p with full HD audio. The transmitters have a range of up to 30 feet. Since this will allow a wireless PC connection, it negates the need for any expensive set top boxes and lets you use your computer with full functionality to play movies, music, or presentations. Included in the package are 2 USB transmitters, a USB base receiver, quick start guide, and HDMI cable.