When the Republic of Gamers brand was established five years ago, ASUS created a product lineup designed to be on the front line of gaming and overclocking innovation. Products under the ROG banner have won multiple awards and set countless overclocking records. Despite the Intel socket LGA1366 showing its age and the LGA2011 approaching fast, ASUS felt that there was still a great demand for high performance X58 systems and that there is still room for improvement over their previous Rampage III Extreme X58 motherboard.



Finding out what is important for gamers and overclockers is the first step to building upon the Rampage III Extreme. From this feedback, ASUS’ engineering team has crafted the ASUS Thunderbolt, a LAN/Audio card combo that aims to provide the best gaming experience in a motherboard through optimal low latency, while providing crystal clear headset sounds. In typical network gaming scenarios, the CPU is bottlenecking the network traffic while processing application and game traffic in the same manner. With the ASUS Thunderbolt NPU, traffic priority is intelligently managed and game traffic is offloaded from the CPU. Through high quality components, and a robust design co-created by Xonar, the ASUS Thunderbolt also delivers 4.5x cleaner than most high-end sound cards. This being a ROG motherboard, of course, it still offers unparalleled overclocking capabilities out of the box. All of these features, and more, can be found on the latest from the Republic of Gamers motherboard family: the ASUS Rampage III Black Edition.


The Rampage III Black Edition comes in muted red and mostly black colored layout but keeps the aggressive ROG styling. The Rampage III Black Edition is ripe with overclocking features and exclusive gaming technologies, including the ASUS Thunderbolt LAN/Audio card combo, Extreme Engine DIGI+, BCLK Enhance, QPI/PCIe Tuning, GPU DIMM Post, etc. For users with multiple graphic cards, the Rampage III Black Edition also supports 3-way SLI or CrossFireX and is ready for 4 single PCB 2-slot graphic cards (requires ASUS Xpander NF200 add-on daughterboard). Bringing the best wireless connectivity option possible to desktop systems, the ASUS Rampage III Black Edition also comes equipped with Bluetooth v3.0+HS support, which has a staggeringly high data rate of up to 54Mbps compared to 1-3Mbps with Bluetooth v2.0+EDR. If peak X58 system performance while gaming or overclocking is what you are after, then the ASUS Rampage III Black Edition might be the motherboard you are looking for.