Reliability is the single most important factor when building a server computer or workstation. Businesses live and die by their uptimes. Just imagine if a site like went down for a day, or even two. Could you imagine how much money would be lost? They could survive something like that without too many problems because they have enough history and staying power to weather a storm like that. However, let's use this website as an example. Last year we ended up going down for a few days. What did that end up doing? We lost quite a bit of traffic that took a few months to come back. For a review site like this, that was a big loss.



ASUS has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology with their computer components. They are at the top of the list when it comes to the motherboards of choice for every segment of the market. ASUS prides themselves on pushing a little further than other companies and it shows with the products they produce. One of their more innovative lines has been the TUF, "The Ultimate Force", series. When buying a TUF component, ASUS ensures quite a few things; a validated stable platform, ensured performance, superior cooling, and quality components to meet long term and heavy usage. ASUS made a splash a few years ago with the Sabertooth 55i and then last year, with the Sabertooth X58.


This year ASUS introduced the Sabertooth P67 motherboard. The Sabertooth P67 is the next generation in durability and reliability. The Sabertooth P67 has enough features to hit every market of user, from the server computer, to the enthusiast gamer. This P67 motherboard supports the newer Intel 1155 socket CPUs and up to 1866 DDR3 memory. The main specific features to note with the Sabertooth P67 are the TUF thermal armor, TUF thermal radar, TUF components, Digi+ VRM, and E.S.P. The TUF thermal armor is a shunt designed panel that covers all of the critical components. This armor blocks any incoming heat, while directing airflow to keep all critical areas on the motherboard up to 13% cooler. The TUF thermal radar uses the 12 onboard heat sensors in combination with a AI Suite II utility, to maximize cooling efficiency. TUF components use ASUS' super alloy blend for all of the capacitors, chokes, and MOSFETs. All of these components have been independently verified to meet military grade specifications. This means extreme durability and performance that exceeds normal specifications. Digi+ VRM allows power phase performance adjustments to ensure the best performance, stability, and efficiency. E.S.P., or Efficient Switching Power, is exclusive to the Sabertooth motherboard. This design encompasses all of the components from the CPU, memory, GPU, LAN, and USB 3.0. E.S.P. dramatically improves system efficiency, and reduces heat generation. The Sabertooth also comes with many other features that are seen in many of the other P67 motherboards. These features include; MemOK!, EFI BIOS, double USB 3.0 access, ASUS Q-Design, CrashFree BIOS 3, and a powered eSATA port.